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Please find herewith our tailor made offer for professionals articulated around 4 value propositions.



  • Tailored and flexible concept

  • Better cost management related to inventory depreciation

  • Better control on human resources, logistics and storing cost

  • Better renting yield and value for money while increasing your occupancy




Differentiate your offer by offering with MODOM a tailor made home interiors enhancing a premium atmosphere free of charge.

Our selection of furniture, decoration and lifestyle items are of premium quality and manufactured by our suppliers that take pride in the quality of the environment and the natural beauty that surrounds us. We favor manufacturers that are member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council or alike. MODOM will accompany you in your project being a stand-alone building, a hotel, a private residence or a temporary space.




  • Cost estimation, quotation and full design proposal elaborated by our interior architect and designer free of charge

  • Complete, quick and fast Installation and staging

  • Possibility of renovations, full or partial refurbishing

  • Renting fees and length of contract flexible according to your needs and project



Your never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

We maximize your chances to sell or rent your property in the shortest time possible. With MODOM you have a partner that cares for you and your property so that can put in best light your investment. 



  • Renting enables you to keep your hard earned cash

  • No need to invest into an important inventory

  • No more logistics and inventory management

  • Your portfolio, real estate or property is maintained and your renting attractivity is maintained and increased






While keeping your money but also benefiting from tax deduction and other fiscal incentives your are creating value for your portfolio focusing on your core business.


MODOM will accompany you in this endeavor with a unique and creative solution close to your needs.





  • Emergency renting service

  • 24/hours delivery

  • Bespoke selection of quality furniture’s, decoration and lifestyle items

  • Comprehensive list of items for your home: from the latest appliances, bedding and furniture, bespoke lifestyle objects, paintings, lamps, garden furniture, etc. MODOM will provide you what you need ...


Life is full of unexpected surprises and MODOM mission is to help you and make sure that the unexpected is being transformed as a pleasant experience because they were no expectations.

Our emergency service is there to make your client’s life a MODOM experience.  


Our mission is to facilitate while providing a quick, efficient and premium service.

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