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Please find herewith a short description of why is MODOM so special for you.

MODOM is first of all a new state of mind in today’s esthetic and sustainable conscious world citizen. A new lifestyle paradigm in today’s home interior and home design for better value.


MODOM is offering to individuals and professionals an array of bespoke design and lifestyle home interiors solutions with great financial flexibility with its model.


Looking for a new interior, being a student, a family looking to relocate or welcoming a new baby, a multinational or refurbishing a room, MODOM has the ‘tailor made’ solution for you. 


You have the key to your home interior. From a large selection of carefully selected furniture, decoration and lifestyle objects to the length of renting. 


All Inclusive: From the customized interior design proposal, the delivery, the set-up, home staging, insurances and return pick-up. Including guaranty and down-payment!

  • Flexible length of contract (from one week to several years)

  • Prices according to your budget

  • Your home signature by recognized Swiss interior architect.

  • Tailor made services.

  • Brand new furniture or show-room state.

  • New decoration and lifestyle objects.

  • No down payment.

  • Insurances included.

  • Delivery included.

  • Home staging included.

  • Return and pick-up included.

  • Tax deductible.

  • Daily follow-up.

  • Possibility to change and adapt your interior as needed.

A question for another question: why buying when you can rent?


Many families and businesses today are pursuing a different version of their dream and renting is a big part of making that possible.


If you think renting is not yet your cup of tea and owning is the only way to go, allow us to offer a counter-argument. It might just give you a new lease on life.


This is always the first argument against renting, and it’s simply not true. You’re exchanging your hard-earned cash for a place to live, eat, and sleep. The last time I checked, those were very valuable things.


Choosing MODOM gives you the flexibility that you deserve with a twist of the latest design for better living and enjoying those moments when you need to feel good.


We have created MODOM for you so that you can enjoy what’s most precious:  your home sweet home!







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The specialist in furniture & decoration

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